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Journal of Scientific Exploration

Ответ на вопросы о феномене Хессдалена

Авторы: Leone M. Журнал: Journal of Scientific Exploration Год издания: 2006 Ключевые слова: НЛО, инопланетяне, пришельцы, внеземные цивилизации, лампы, Хессдален, EMBLA, атмосферные явления

According to a recent paper on a long-term scientific survey (codenamed EMBLA Project), an anomalous atmospheric luminous phenomenon of well-defined physical characteristics (optical radiant power up to 19 kW, three well-distinguished peaks about 50 nm wide, dimensions ranging from decimetres up to 30 m, etc.) is reportedly occurring on a daily basis in the Hessdalen valley in Norway. Although photographic and eyewitness evidence supporting the actual existence of so far unexplained low atmospheric phenomena in the Hessdalen valley does exist, the phenomenological picture obtained by the EMBLA scientists is shown to be largely questionable and
explainable as unrecognised vehicle headlamps.

Journal of Scientific Exploration

Можно ли считать психокинетический эффект, обнаруженный в исследованиях с бинарным генератором случайных чисел, подходящим для взаимодействия сознания и материи?

Авторы: Helfrich W. Журнал: Journal of Scientific Exploration Год издания: 2007 Ключевые слова: психокинез, генератор случайных чисел, сознание и материя, микро-психокинез, нейроны

Numerous studies during the last fifty years have shown that mental intention has a psychokinetic (PK) effect on binary random number generators (RNGs). The effect is minute, but does not discriminate between different types of RNGs and appears insensitive to distances in space and (at least for days) in time. Involving a few thousand test persons, in general unselected, the studies also suggest that PK is a common phenomenon. Some years ago, a metaanalysis by Radin and Nelson of then-available data resulted in odds against chance of about lo5′. The studies are reviewed before applying them to the problem of mind-brain interaction. A recent meta-analysis by Bosch et al. questioning the existence of the PK effect on RNGs is shown to be inconsistent. Subsequently, I point out similarities between an RNG experiment adding thousands of bits (0 or 1) and a cortical neuron summing the electric signals from thousands of probabilistically transmitting synapses. A quantitative comparison indicates that the PK effect might be of the right size to generate in a neuron an additional voltage on the order of the statistical noise. The effect could thus decide whether the neuron reaches the threshold of the action potential.

Journal of Scientific Exploration

Изучение провидческих снов

Авторы: Graff D.E. Журнал: Journal of Scientific Exploration Год издания: 2007 Ключевые слова: предчувствие, прекогниция, вещие сны, провидческие сны, ЭСП, экстрасенсорика, анализ

An informal exploratory study of psi that occurs while asleep and dreaming was performed to determine if it was possible to experience precognitive dreams about photographs that would be published in future newspaper articles. Operational constraints were newspapers (USA Today and two local newspapers), specific pages and the future time of publication. Sketches of dreams that occurred on the nights when future news photographs were the intended target were compared to all possible photographs within the operational constraints. Selection of the photograph that best correlated with the dream imagery was based on a pattern matching process of comparing forms, spatial relationships, colors and dynamics in the dreams and the photographs. This exploratory precognitive dream series yielded dream-photograph matches with a high degree of correlation, thereby providing strong evidence for precognition. This series also provided insight into the psi dream or dream state psi process. Some concepts on the source or origin of precognition are considered.

Journal of Scientific Exploration

Математические решения вопросов бытия Франклином Вольфом

Авторы: Baruss I. Журнал: Journal of Scientific Exploration Год издания: 2007 Ключевые слова: Франклин Вольф, Вульф, вопросы бытия, математика, математическое решение, математическая йога, бытие

Just like anyone else, scientists can be troubled by existential questions such as «What is the purpose of life?» and «Why is there something instead of nothing?» One strategy for approaching such questions has been to suggest that a latent cognitive faculty needs to be activated in order to answer them. In effect, this means that a questioner needs to undergo a process of selftransformation leading to a transcendent state of consciousness in which such an
ability is awakened. Franklin Wolff has proposed that there is a way of doing so, namely «mathematical yoga,» that is particularly suited for scientists. Such a spiritual practice consists of doing mathematics, while understanding what one is doing and maintaining a self-giving attitude. Although Wolff has attributed his own enlightenment to this mathematical path, it needs further empirical verification. Wolff s notions also suggest that, even without the occurrence of transcendent states of consciousness, abstract thinking could lead to states of consciousness characterized by greater than ordinary meaningfulness.

Journal of Scientific Exploration

Влияние веры на успешность парапсихологических экспериментов в задании на отгадывание карт

Авторы: Walsh K., Moddel G. Журнал: Journal of Scientific Exploration Год издания: 2007 Ключевые слова: ЭСП, экстрасенсорика, убежденность, парапсихология, верования, пси, успешность, зависимость от веры, вера, карты

Subjects were asked to carry out a clairvoyance task as a study of the effect of belief and its modulation on psi performance. The task was to guess hidden symbols on Zener cards. Subjects stated whether they believed in the existence of psi, after which the belief was either supported or contradicted by written and verbal arguments. After this, the subjects carried out the clairvoyance task. A total of 12 subjects were each asked to guess the content of 100 hidden Zener cards. The p-value for believers given pro-psi arguments was 0.028 (two-tailed), which is substantially different (p = 0.039) and better than the values for the nonbelievers and believers who were given anti-psi arguments. This supports the concept that successful psi performance results from belief in psi, and not the reverse.

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