Journal of Scientific Exploration

Journal of Scientific Exploration

Автоматизированный тест телепатии в связи с электронной почтой

Авторы: Sheldrake R., Avraamides L. Журнал: Journal of Scientific Exploration Год издания: 2009 Ключевые слова: телепатия, ЭСП, экстрасенсорика, тест на телепатию, автоматизированный тест, тест на экстрасенсорику

Can people sense telepathically who is sending them an email before
they receive it? Subjects, aged from 12 to 66 years, registered online with the
names and email addresses of 3 senders. A computer selected a sender at random,
and asked him to send an email message to the subject via the computer. The
computer then asked the subject to guess the sender’s name, and delivered the
message after receiving the guess. A test consisted of 6 or 9 trials. In a total of
419 trials, including data from incomplete tests, there were 175 hits (41.8%),
signifi cantly above the 33.3% chance level (p = .0001). Hit rates in incomplete
tests were higher than in complete tests. There was no signifi cant difference
between hit rates with male and female subjects. The highest hit rates were with
subjects in the 20–29-year age group. The effect size in these tests was lower
than in previous telephone and email telepathy tests, in spite of the fact that they
were unsupervised. One reason may be that subjects were being asked to guess
who had sent them a message several minutes earlier, rather than thinking about
them simultaneously.

Journal of Scientific Exploration

В защиту интуиции: исследование физических основ спонтанного предчувствия

Авторы: Laszlo E. Журнал: Journal of Scientific Exploration Год издания: 2009 Ключевые слова: интуиция, нелокальность, квантовая физика, квантовая теория мозга, квантовая теория, предчувствие, страх, предвидение

The thesis advanced in this paper is that human experience encompasses not only elements registered by the exteroceptive and interoceptive senses, but also elements received intuitively, in a direct and spontaneous mode.
Findings at the cutting edge of quantum physics and brain research support the hypothesis that the brain can receive information not only through nerve-signals conducted from the senses but also through quantum resonance at the level of cytoskeletal structures. Confi rmation of this hypothesis would provide a physical foundation for the spontaneous intuitions that surface occasionally in consciousness. Recognizing that some varieties of intuitions are bona fi de perceptions of the world beyond the brain and body would enlarge our view of the scope of human experience and support assumptions about the existence of subtle informational ties between humans, as well as between humans and nature.

Journal of Scientific Exploration

Краткая история исследования феномена похищения людей

Авторы: Jacobs D.M. Журнал: Journal of Scientific Exploration Год издания: 2009 Ключевые слова: похищения людей, инопланетное вторжение, похищение животных, НЛО похищает людей, нападение НЛО, факты похищения людей НЛО

UFO abductions have been a part of the UFO phenomenon since the early years of public awareness of sightings. Although academics and scientists began to study UFO abduction, over the years cultural events and non–evidence-based theories provided barriers to academic and scientifi c inquiry into it. In spite of the lack of academic interest, the phenomenon continues unabated and unaffected by societal events.

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