Journal of Parapsychology

Journal of Parapsychology

Природа прекогниции

Авторы: Taylor J. Журнал: Journal of Parapsychology Год издания: 2014 Ключевые слова: прекогниция, интуиция, парадокс интервенции, предчувствие, предвидение

This paper describes a theory explaining precognition literally as the “precognition” of information contained within the percipient’s brain in the future—a link with his or her future experience of the event. The theory is based on the block universe model, in which past and future events already exist in the
space-time continuum, as required by the special theory of relativity. Bohm’s theory of the implicate order is compatible with such a model, and it suggests that if similar structures are created at different locations in space and time, the structures resonate with a tendency to become more similar to one another. The principles are applied to the neuronal spatiotemporal patterns that are activated in the brain. Precognition is considered to be the fundamental phenomenon of ESP and manifests as information transfer from the brain in the future to the same brain in the present. The model allows also for the possibility of contacts with other brains, and these contacts would occur either in real-time or at different times. However, direct contacts with external objects or events are considered not to occur at all. The mechanism is applied to experiments in precognition, and it explains the apparent anomalies found in the results.

Journal of Parapsychology

Проект «Star Gate»: экстрасенсорная шпионская программа американского правительства

Авторы: May B.C. Журнал: Journal of Parapsychology Год издания: 2014 Ключевые слова: экстрасенсорный шпионаж, правительственные программы, инсайдерство, секретные проекты

From 1972 to 1995 various agencies of the U.S. government funded applications of and research into psi to the tune of over 20 million U.S. dollars. Although this sounds like a substantial amount of money to most of us, with regard to military and/or intelligence funding it is almost round-off error! This activity was not inspired by some academic curiosity that one might fnd at a university; rather, it was driven by necessity during the Cold War. Puthoff and Targ deserve unbounded respect for shepherding the project, especially in its early days. My view of STAR GATE extends from late 1975 through 1995, and I am the “keeper of the keys” of all the research and some of the spying. This means I have all the project records, including such things as raw data from a large number of experiments, fnal reports to a host of clients, administrative records as to who funded the project and for how much money, who was involved, and how and why the government’s in-house activity was established at Ft. Meade. This paper is a personal narrative of my frst-hand account of much of that work.

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