Parapsychology and Psychophysics

Парапсихология и психофизика - обложка

Informational phantom of excitation of quasineuronal network inside neurocomputer “Embryo”

Authors: Tsygankov V.D. Journal: Parapsychology and Psychophysics Publication date: 2000 Keywords: neurocomputer, embryo, informational phantom, quasineuronal network

Neurocomputer (NC) “Embryo” is a model of whole brain. Virtual neuronal network of NC represents quasi-Markov multilayer regarding internal time U axis chain of quasineurons in the form of plurality of binary codes (X) – states of register of internal memory connected by probabilistic links, whose synaptic weight depends on states of internal memory and form of image of external environment on sensoric matrix (SM). Upon excitation of neuronal netwoek a part of previously excited neurons move out of functional system that immediately arises as a result of “examination” of image on SM under hypothesis of perception by subcortical activating center – block of hypotheses development (BHD). Excitations during distribution of probabilistic field waves converge on one or few neurons, but network saves full informational structure of excitations of clamed neurons in the form of probabilistic informational phantom.

Парапсихология и психофизика - обложка

Modern working research groups studying paranormal phenomena in Japan

Authors: Kokubo H. Journal: Parapsychology and Psychophysics Publication date: 2000 Keywords: japan, psi in japan, countries, parapsychologists

In this article author for the first time make a brief review of general state of modern parapsychological investigations in Japan, doing main emphasis on the activity of academic and scientific research groups without description of particular details of research activity.

Парапсихология и психофизика - обложка

Biolocation pendulum. Part III

Authors: Isakov V.T. Journal: Parapsychology and Psychophysics Publication date: 2000 Keywords: pendulum, biolocation, operational mechanism

In previously published first and second parts of this work author described the mechanism of rotation of biolocation frame and showed that this motion is an effect of specific biomotor micromovements.

Парапсихология и психофизика - обложка

Symbols of spiritual traditions as a material for psychophysical investigations

Authors: Zabolotnaya N.V. Journal: Parapsychology and Psychophysics Publication date: 2000 Keywords: symbols, symbolics, symbolism, psychophysics, ancient traditions

Currently it becomes more and more evident that symbols connect people with semantic world of unconscious, and their effectiveness is explained by realization of hidden energy of archetypes. Each symbol, entering in ratio with specific code of unconsciousness and synchronizing with pattern of deep layers of psychics, have high coefficient of perceptability and is able to programm behavioural provisions of the person. At the same time, symbol as a complex of visual and sometimes quasiaudial sensations is extremely informative and can cause a lot of associations of ambigous motivation at once. This explains the importance of setting the problem of investigation of symbols in front of wide scientific community.

Парапсихология и психофизика - обложка

Safety of human psychical sphere revisited

Authors: Bondarev V. Journal: Parapsychology and Psychophysics Publication date: 2000 Keywords: psychosphere, psychic protection, psychophysics

Few experimental examples confirming the justification and actuality of human psychical sphere safety problems are considered in the article. The material was prepared specially for the journal “Parapsychology and Psychophysics” in order to support Concept of human psychical sphere safety.

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