How to search?

Currently users have to basic search options – through the window of simple search, which is always presented in the upper right corner of the screen (see red frame on the picture below), and through more functional form of advanced search. Let’s consider these options in more details.

1. Simple search

In the simplest case it’s enough just print one or more target words in the search field and press “Enter” button on the keyboard. All articles containing all indicated target words in any part will be foud by default. Fir example, if you print “telepathy psychokinesis” in the search field, then search engine will find ony those articles that have both of these words simultaneously. And it doesn’t matter where these words are located – in the title, in keywords, in journal title or abstract text. In those cases, when user needs to perform more sophisticated and specific search, he should use advanced search option.

2. Advanced search

But you gonna do if it’s necessary to find target words in specific fields of the articles? For example, you remember author’s surname and title of the journal where you have read the article some time ago. Or you can remember only one word from title of the article and the year of its publication. In such cases you should select the advanced search option by clicking the button “Advanced search” in the upper right corner of the screen.

Advanced search mode allows users to specify the search to selected fields. Current version of the site allows users to search by title, abstract text, authors, journal, year of publication and keywords. Moreover, search can be more sohisticated in the case of use of logical operators «AND», «OR», «NOT». For example, if you want to find all articles written by Stevenson and published in the Journal of Scientific Exploration, you should print the word «Stevenson» in the field «authors», then select logical operator “AND” in the next line and indicate «Journal of Scientific Exploration» in the field «journal», and press the “search” or Enter button. In the same manner you can exclude part of articles from the search results by selecting logical operator «NOT». For example, you want to find all articles written by Dean Radin except those papers published in Journal of Parapsychology. To do this print the word «Radin» in the field «authors», select logical operator «NOT» in the next line and put «Journal of Parapsychology» in the field «journal».

You can easily add or remove search fields by clicking on green plus or red cross buttons, respectively.

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