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Psihubis a bibliographic database and search engine  that for the first time for Russian-speaking territory tries to establish a unified register of all known parapsychological publications that were issued in peer-reviewed international and regional journals from XIX to XXI century. It should be especially noted that this system – is a first parapsychological database with both English and Russian interfaces, thus allowing non-English speakers from postsoviet countries search English periodicals and vice versa. At the moment (as of 01.04.2015) system contains abstracts of 357 indexed articles; according to our indexation plan, total number of included articles will exceed 1000 till the 1st of July 2015.

This search engine and database was developed by staff of Ukrainian Center for Parapsychological Research with financial and technical support of International Public Organization “Center for Psychological Help “Rising Sun”. There were few key reasons that gave impetus to development of the Psihub system:

  • Total absence of specific parapsychological databases with Russian inerface and Russian publications.
  • Profound ignorance of postsoviet people in the questions of scientific study of paranormal psychic experience and abnormal phenomena – concepts based on the data from the middle of XX century still dominate within people of Russian descent.
  • Lack of knowledge regarding search of peer-reviewed data on parapsychological investigations.
  • Absence of search engines covering all known parapsychological periodicals. Best options (LexScien, Informit, Scopus) cover only part of target journals.
  • Need for intensification of information sharing between research centers of different countries and culures in order to promote rapid development of world parapsychology.

But the main goal of Psihub system is to strenghten interaction between Russian- and English-speaking researchers performing investigations in the field of parapsychology.

First of all, we clearly define what is parapsychology and what does it study. Parapsychology – is a scientific discipline studying paranormal psychic experience; According to other definition, it’s a discipline studying human psychic experience associated with three groups of abnormal phenomena (so called “three kingdoms of parapsychology”) – extrasensory perception, mind-matter iteraction, and survival hypothesis (“life after death”).

Abnormal (paranormal) phenomena – all phenomena that to any extent lying beyond allowed borders of conventional scientific knowledge. The existence of such phenomena on its own indicates that clear separation of our world into objective and subjective (that lies at the heart of modern scientific paradigm) is misleading, and the border between them are not so strict as it was thought before. It should be stressed that parapsychology deals only with those abnormal phenomena that directly related with human psychics. For that very reason such bizzare topics as chirology, physiognomics or astrology lye beyond the borders of parapsychological research field.

Currently the subject of parapsychology is clearly defined – it’s a wide variety of different phenomena that can be grouped in three broad categories:

1) Extrasensory perception – is a phenomenon of direct perception of information about people, objects or events (from the past, present or future) without action of conventional sensory organs. Among different types of ESP: telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, retrocognition, empathy etc.

2) Mind-matter interaction (psychokinesis) – is an ability to directly affect physical and biological systems that can’t be explained by manifestation of known types of energy or interactions. Broadly defined, it’ a whole spectrum of mutual relations between consciousness and matter including mind action on matter, as weel as matter action on consciousness of living beings.

3) Survival hypothesis – this hypothesis covers a number of phenomena related with death of physical body, such as: near-death experience, reincarnation, life after bodily death, apparitions, hauntings, mental mediumship etc.

Unfortunately, it should be pointed out that current concept of parapsychology in the society is entirely wrong. And this problem is particularly topical for postsoviet territory. One can oftenly hear or read that parapsychology deals with all known anomalies including UFO, bigfoot, Nessie, alchemy, sorcery, occultism etc. Moreover, every second esotericist or occult practician doesn’t hesitate to call himself parapsychologist. Probably, each of us read something like this: «About me: psychic, healer, occultist, parapsychologst etc.». Regretfully, it’s a consequence of total misunderstanding of parapsychological essence and who can be called parapsychologist.

Psihub bibliographic and search system contains only those peer-reviewed journals that publish articles in the field of evidence-based parapsychology, and also some non-conventional reseraches. You can find the whole list of journals subjected to indexation in Psihub in the “Content” menu tab.

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