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Ukrainian Center for Parapsychological Research (hereinafter referred to as “Center”) – is a first professional and non-commercial organization on post-USSR territory that performs researches in the field of scientific parapsychology as well as in the field of alternative (non-conventional) scientific exploration. Object field of Center’s investigations is various phenomena generally entitled as a “psi-phenomena”, “paranormal phenomena”, “anomalous events” etc.

Center was established in 2013 on the ground of pre-existing Scientific Department of International Civic Organization «Center for Psychological Help “Rising Sun”».

Paranormal- and psi-phenomena are in contrast with basic concepts of current materialistic scientific paradigm. Moreover, psi-phenomena are beyond concepts of human abilities and physical world manifestations. Upon study of these phenomena we face information transfer and impact on live/physical systems beyond space-and-time that has no explanation at the moment. Reasoning from this fact, Center’s staff members develop and modify methods for paranormal phenomena investigations, as well as theoretical models of their physical, biological and psychological nature. By using of experimental and theoretical investigations they try to assess available hypotheses on the nature of psi-phenomena and tend to consolidate received unconventional data with data of other scientific disciplines. Paranormal phenomena influence on population and possibility of received data practical application are also studied within Center’s research model.

Motivation for Center establishment is based on a number of reasons and factors, among which the following positions should be noted:

  • Existence of large experimentally-derived scientific evidence for psi-phenomena that cannot be explained within classical materialistic paradigm.
  • Many unanswered questions and unsolved issues about the nature of paranormal phenomena.
  • Extremely low level of population awareness about modern achievements of scientific parapsychology.
  • Total misunderstanding of basic parapsychological terms and issues by population (e.g. What is parapsychology? What do parapsychologists study? What methods do parapsychologists use? What is the difference between parapsychology and esotericism?)
  • Absence of monolithic and accessible database on unconventional scientific data in Russian language.
  • Total absence of professional and awareness-rising educational programs on parapsychology in Russian and Ukrainian languages.

The main purpose of Center’s activity is performing non-conventional researches in order to obtain scientific rationale for all known psi-phenomena and paranormal events. Moreover, Center has few additional goals:

  • Assistance in performing of parapsychological and alternative researches.
  • Promotion and mainstreamification of scientific evidence for experimental and theoretical investigations among broad layers of population.
  • Development of educational programs and performance of parapsychological education, including training of new experts-parapsychologists.
  • Assistance in development and implementation of new scientific paradigm.
  • Development and implementation of new technological solutions for strengthening or suppression of psi-phenomena manifestations and individual psychical abilities (psychotronics).
  • Performance of scientific and practical parapsychological events – seminars, meetings, conferences, symposiums, workshops etc.

Scientific trustee of investigations performed at the Center is Sergii Gonzalez (cover name) – PhD, supporting member of The Parapsychological Association.

Official location of the Center is Kyiv, Ukraine.

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