European Journal of Parapsychology

European Journal of Parapsychology

Анализ проверенных предикторов субъективного экстрасенсорного опыта и дисфункция слуховой коры у психоневрологического населения

Авторы: John Palmer and Vernon M. Neppe Журнал: European Journal of Parapsychology Год издания: 2004 Ключевые слова: экстрасенсорика, экстрасенсорная перцепция, дисфункция слуховой коры, дисфункция мозга, нейропсихиатрия

Following up on previous research indicating a relationship between symptoms of temporal lobe dysfunction (TLD) and subjective paranormal experiences, exploratory logistic regression analyses were conducted to discover specific predictors of subjective ESP experiences (S-ESP) among 100 neuropsychiatric patients of Neppe. Predictors included gender, age, 16 items from a questionnaire measuring symptoms of TLD (INSET), clinical and ambulatory EEG measures reflecting the location and type of anomalous EEG activity, measures of handedness and brain laterality, use of specific recreational drugs, and brain injuries. The final model defined the S-ESP group as right-lateralized females scoring high on INSET items reflecting jamais vu and primitive visual or auditory hallucinations. A significant interaction was found between gender and EEG anomalies occurring in the temporal lobes and sometimes extending to adjacent areas, but not generalized over the whole scalp. These anomalies were positively related to S-ESP in females and negatively in males. The effect for females was contributed entirely by activity other than slowing (mostly spiking, sharp waves, and bursts of beta or alpha) that occurred in the left hemisphere, sometimes extending bilaterally to the right temporal, or the frontal lobes. These exploratory findings
need to be cross-validated before the results can be considered conclusive.

European Journal of Parapsychology

Активация и успешность в психокинетических и экстрасенсорных тестах с применением стандартного протокола

Авторы: Chris A. Roe , Russell Davey, Paul Stevens Журнал: European Journal of Parapsychology Год издания: 2004 Ключевые слова: экстрасенсорика, экстрасенсорная перцепция, психокинез, влияние сознания на материю, лабораторные тесты, проверка способностей

This paper describes the third study of a series of four designed to explore the relationship between ESP and PK performance by testing for both using a common protocol so as to control for expectancy effects and experimental artifacts. Following earlier work (Roe, Davey & Stevens, 2003, in press), we were particularly interested to gauge
the effect upon performance of participant arousal levels in view of contrasting prior research looking at ESP and PK separately. Forty participants completed a computer-based greyhound racing game. Races occurred in two blocks of 12. One block was presented as an ESP task and required participants to nominate which of the six greyhounds had won a race that the computer had already run silently. The program then replayed the race as feedback. The other block was presented as a PK task and required participants to ‘will’ a greyhound that was selected for them to run faster than its competitors. The greyhound’s movements were determined in real time by an RNG. However, within each block half the races were in fact ESP trials and half PK trials, presented in random order. Participants were randomly allocated to one of two conditions; in the increased arousal condition participants were instructed to actively engage with the task and listened to selected pieces of up-beat classical music, while in the decreased arousal condition, participants were told to relax and take a passive approach to the task while listening to a peaceful relaxation tape. Overall performance was non-significantly above chance for both ESP and PK trials and there were no significant relationships between outcomes in the four conditions.

European Journal of Parapsychology

Магнитные переменные связанные с переживанием феноменов подобных «захвату»: сравнение с использованием синхронизированных базовых измерений

Авторы: Jason J. Braithwaite Журнал: European Journal of Parapsychology Год издания: 2004 Ключевые слова: полтергейст, захват дома, феномен захвата, магнитные поля, магнетизм

Recent laboratory studies have revealed that human exposure to low-frequency complex electromagnetic fields (EMFs) can induce strange and exceptional hallucinatory experiences under controlled conditions. A number of field-studies have also shown that reputedly haunted locations can be magnetically distinguished from non-
haunted areas in the natural setting. However, none of these studies have employed appropriate time-linked baseline measurements taken from haunted and baseline areas simultaneously. This study presents the first magnetic investigation of a reputedly haunted location that employs and formally compares high-speed time-linked magnetic baseline measurements. The results show separate effects of both elevated levels in the ambient spatial magnetic field, and the nature of how magnetic fields vary over time (i.e., their complexity) in areas of interest. The implications of the current findings for the magnetically remarkable nature of reputedly haunted buildings are discussed.

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