Эффект праймирования видеоклипами перед мышлением в условиях ганцфельд

Авторы: Adrian Parker & Björn Sjödén Журнал: European Journal of Parapsychology Год издания: 2010 Ключевые слова: ганцфельд, мышление, праймирование, видеоклипы
European Journal of Parapsychology

The report here concerns an attempt to subliminally prime film clips with participants prior to their ganzfeld sessions. In total, 64 trails (32 traditional psi ganzfeld trials and 32 comparison trials with primed targets) were conducted with receiver-sender pairs taking part in a digital real time ganzfeld. Prior to the session, the receiver-sender pairs viewed thematic material from all four potential film clips presented at 40 milliseconds exposures.
Although there was clear evidence from the results that the imagery from the clips later re-emerged as a major part of the ganzfeld imagery, this appeared to concern the non-target clips more than as the target material. First place rankings on the target clips gave only 13.7% hits (MCE 25%) and it may well be that the methodology overloaded the participants with dynamic material to work through in the mentation.

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