Унифицированная теория шаровых молний и необъяснимое свечение атмосферы

Авторы: Coleman P.F. Журнал: Journal of Scientific Exploration Год издания: 2006 Ключевые слова: атмосферные аномалии, аномальные явления, землетрясение, природные аномалии, атмосферные явления, необъяснимые случаи, шаровые молнии, свечение атмосферы, НЛО
Journal of Scientific Exploration

Ball lightning has been observed in close proximity to atmospheric vortices such as tornadoes and weaker vortices. In some events it is difficult for eyewitnesses to differentiate between the two phenomena. Excluding a chance
association, two causal possibilities present themselves. The first is that the vortex is somehow manufacturing ball lightning and its nature is, as yet, unknown. The second option is that ball lightning is a burning vortex (also
referred to in this paper as a ‘vortex fireball’) in a continuum ranging from a small-scale (centimeters) to a large-scale (meters) vortex. Unusual luminosity is sometimes observed in vortices and this provides a clue to the ball lightning problem. Although one past suggestion used the electrical discharge hypothesis as a mechanism to illuminate a vortex, there is another possibility. The hypothesis is that gaseous combustion within the confines of vortex breakdown could account for ball lightning and other unexplained atmospheric lights. Given the large air speeds that exist inside tornadoes the only viable mechanism would be that of ignition and continued combustion of a flammable fuel gas taking place within the low air speed, stagnation zone of vortex breakdown. Field evidence from meteorological reports and elsewhere suggest that such a vortex-combustion phenomenon exists. The theory has the added support of experimental demonstration of combustion within vortex breakdown. In addition to ball lightning, the theory can be applied to understand and interpret several difficult-to-explain UFOs.

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