Парапсихологическая перспектива недавнего исследования «Интуиция на рабочем месте»

Авторы: James Houran & Rense Lange Журнал: European Journal of Parapsychology Год издания: 2010 Ключевые слова: интуиция, предчувствие, перспектива, свежие исследования, недавние исследования
European Journal of Parapsychology

A recent study by Lange and Houran (2010) found evidence that intuitions in the workplace are related to transliminal processes, but the validity of the sample’s self-reported intuitions was not specifically addressed. Thus, we examined the correlation between self-reported intuitions and the propensity to exhibit emotional and
cognitive biases in the previously collected dataset (n = 889). The misattribution hypothesis was not confirmed; in fact, intuitive experiences were associated (r = .38, p < .001) with a lack of confirmatory biases. The validity of intuitions is discussed in terms of transliminality deriving from enhanced neurological interconnectedness that consequently facilitates a confluence of unconscious information from tacit knowledge, pattern recognition and perhaps a “future orientation” that involves psi. Situational and motivational factors, akin to experimental effects in psi research, contribute to the process. Rasch scaling analyses found that transliminality and intuition form a continuum, with the highest levels of transliminality being associated with intuitions that are described as paralleling psychic ability.

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