Ответ на комментарии van Doorn (2013), Mitchell (2013), Dubai (2013), Jinks (2013), de Foe (2013), и Jenkins (2013)

Авторы: De Almeida Ferreira W. Журнал: Australian Journal of Parapsychology Год издания: 2013 Ключевые слова: жизнь после смерти, общение с загробным миром, психология умерших, убийства, свидетельства с того света
Australian Journal of Parapsychology

I have closely read the comments by Van Doorn (2013), Mitchell (2013), Dubai (2013), Jinks (2013), De Foe (2013), and Jenkins (2013), and two main themes or concepts have emerged from the commentary — falsifiability and reliability. I have no doubt that these concepts are very important in science — indeed, they are, so to speak, central pillars, especially in parapsychology which, with its history of charlatanism, is favorably supported by these pillars. It is unfortunate, however, that phenomenological studies such as mine (Ferreira, 2013) often have their limitations, especially when compared to experimental studies, which my study is not claimed to be — a point well-noted by Mitchell (2013, p. 63), who highlights the «experiential» nature of my work. Also my study should be seen as exploratory, which nevertheless is in no sense antithetical to the design and conduct of experimental studies, even in the area of the projection of consciousness — thus, I can only agree with some of the commentators who advocate experimentation, although I already made this clear in my article (p. 44). I note too that van Doorn (2013) concedes that parsimony merely «diminishes» my claim, «but it does not falsify it» (p. 57).

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