Влияние «сигилизации» на успешность выполнения экстрасенсорного задания с вынужденным ответом

Авторы: Ian R. Hume & William V. Bean Журнал: European Journal of Parapsychology Год издания: 2010 Ключевые слова: экстрасенсорика, доказательная база, существует ли пси, статистический анализ, подтверждение, сигилы, сигилизация, магия, карты Зенера, ясновидение
European Journal of Parapsychology

This exploratory study endeavoured to test the possible enhancing capabilities of sigil magic, a form of chaos magic, upon forced-choice clairvoyant ability. An opportunity sample of 39 participants was employed in this repeated measures study. In the first condition a standard deck of Zener cards was used to measure ESP task
success. In the second condition, a ‘sigilised’ deck was employed. Combined, a significant psi-hitting effect was produced. In the standard condition a non-significant, above chance, hit rate was found. In the sigilised condition, a highly significant hitting effect was evidenced. However, a comparison of the hit rates for these two conditions failed to show a significant difference. Although the results of this study are encouraging, methodological issues need to
be addressed in order to determine the validity of these findings.

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